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Web Marketing

We could create a develope you on-line presence strategy, in order to show your potential to the entire world, with less effort and in a really convenient way. If you keep it simple, anyone could understand.

Web Design

As the web getting difficult, we provide really simple solutions. We can manage Wordpress platform as well as pure HTML to develope all your needs, really focusing on that and nothing else.

Web Developing

We provide quick and simple solution to your web needs, such as web site integrations, registration forms, surveys, booking scripts, within the possibility of PHP coupled to MySql Database.


To gain visibility on the net you ought to study you pubblic and choose a particular slice of the cake no one else bite before. Then you'll chose you keywords...


E-commerce is an opportunity for those who choose to do it in a proper way. Anyway could be a great waste of time and money. How can evaluate? Someone with the right experience...ask us!

Social media

Social media are considered as a great opportunity for many. It is true, but is not simple. They needs passion, money, time and strategy. Otherwise they colud become the worst trap entrapreneur could slide in.


Some jobs...

Web contents and marketing project

Website Design and web marketing

Website Design

Website Design and marketing project, SEO

Website Design and marketing project, SEO (not yet pubblished)

Website Design and marketing project, SEO

Website Design

Website Design and marketing project, e-commerce management

Website Design



  • 2004-2011

    Some web site, some tiny project...

    I've been working as a journalist, travelling all over Europe, knowing people writing about sustainable energies, hydrogen engines and huge boat. Then I buildt some web site, not worth to mention, while I was a student in pharmaceutical technology.

  • June 2011

    Leaving Italy heading to Silicon Valley...

    After more than one year working as pharmacist, I decide to get rid of it to get there where the history is being made. Trying to find a way to develope something both innovative and useful to improve quality of life. Then I started to become a marketer.

  • October 2011

    Transition to marketing specialist

    As I started work in Italy to launch an innovative nutraceutical product, I managed web strategy, communication and CRM system. I worked with forums, bloggher, institutions, medical departments, scientific conferences. I've implemented and managed Social media strategy, lead generation, traffic generation, web and scientific writing for the product's blog.

  • April 2013 - ...

    Followed many project as professionist

    E-commerce projects, web sites develope, CRM and ERP software develope. E-commerce management, strategy, social media marketing, communication plans for small business.
    Focus on small an start up, we can give the "quid pluris" to succeed...

Our Team

Many professionist spin around Quid pluris, such as Graphics designer, web designer, web marketing strategist. Those are at your own service.

What we can do for you:

Graphic design
Web design
Web develope - Php, MySql, Html, Css, Ajax, JQuery
Web marketing
E-mail marketing
DEM & PSD to HTML conversion
IT consultancy
E-commerce consultancy
CRM consultancy
Events organization & management - with an external provider

Quid Pluris is a latin expression mean "something more that makes the difference".
Quid Pluris offers marketing and digital consulting services, to make your business wider, smarter, stronger. We can make the difference in your online business.

With only 3 ingredients: passion, work, ethic.

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